TV on the Radio – Will Do

Hot off the press is the new TV on the Radio track, “Will Do” off their upcoming album “Nine Types of Light”. The new album drops in April as I’m sure many have been anxiously awaiting during their 2 year hiatus. Brooklyn based TVOTR, has always had a distinctiveness about their sound which has demanded my attention and several others to their thoroughly produced tracks and ability to exemplify their precision to craft each track into a tour de force. Their sound shapes into a hybrid of several genres which is only a testament to why their prominence was immediately embraced with open arms. “Will Do” instantaneously dragged me back to where their last album, “Dear Science” left off (which still refuses to exit my IPod), without missing a beat. Giddiness engulfed me the second I pressed play and sure enough, I swiftly transcended into their greatness:

Anytime will do, my love
anytime will do, no choice of words will break
me from this groove.
Anytime will do, my love
anytime will do, what choice of words will
take me back to you?”

“Will Do” has more of a fervent and soulful touch than previous songs which could be an indicator of what’s materializing on their upcoming album. The new track sounds like they’ve maintained their foundation while embracing a new direction, as their maturation will only gleam their potential for what’s to come. For now, while we all antcipate “Nine Types of Light,” their new track undoubtedly, “Will Do” just fine.

–  Joel

TV On The Radio – Will Do


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