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Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun (L’original et Yusek Remix)

OK! so barely getting back into the crib in LA at 3:34 AM – drunk as hell, I open up the fridge and take out some of the leftover BOMB ass sushi I had earlier tonight!  Laptop on the counter, I reach over and head for the itunes…. “EtMusique..” is literally one of the titles on my itunes play-list list.

SIDENOTE: Heard the latest “Le Miel du Mois” on EMPT this morning and I have to say that Steph is a beast and I am an extremely loyal follower to the max.  I mean, start up a cult and I am down!  Hari Krishna status! Regardless, the next song on the cue of the itunes EMPT playlist was – “Sun Of a Gun” by the ever so sexy, Ms. Oh Land!

My first time hearing Ms. Land’s work was on her bewitching track “Wolf & I” which was reviewed not so long ago on this blog.  Anyhow, staying true to her powerfully captivating sound, Ms. Land blesses us once again with an equally satisfying vocal performance on “Sun Of A Gun.”

Read as Oh Explains, in an interview to her audience, just how she came up with the concept for the record:

“Last summer I watched a beautiful sunset over Griffith Park and after three months of L.A. heat I wished the sun would stay down. This absurd thought inspired the title “Sun of a Gun,” a story about love. It’s about being stuck in rotation around someone who is not good for you. The feeling of wanting to release yourself from this person but not being able to. The sun is playing the main character. We’re dependent on it and rotate around it but it can be dangerous if it’s too much and we need to protect ourselves from it.

I often find that I get inspired to write songs from really silly thoughts. Conversations that make me laugh or a crazy idea… it triggers my creativity because it makes me see things in a new way. There are often many layers and different meanings in my lyrics. Like with “Sun of a Gun.” It’s a love story but also a tale about nature and the sun. “Once burnt twice shy, too much of your light made me blind.”- Oh Land

I could not have explained it any better than that and quite frankly who can’t relate to it?  Seems like we all have that one person, at some point in our lives, that we can completely attribute with totally being that individual in this song.  Sometimes it’s that one person that continuously contributes nothing but toxicity into your relationship yet somehow, something else about them keeps you in the vicious cycle that Oh Land so creatively turns into a good mood, feel good record.  As I find myself reciting the end of hook – “You Sun Of A Gun” – she gives it a fun yet bossy and dismissive tone that supply the listener with a touch of that “I don’t give a F” attitude.  That attitude is complimented by a steady and slightly aggressive bottom that is cooled out by her normal array of airy sounds and poppy feel good vibes.

I want to change my orbit, don’t care what you do now”…

“Sun Of A Gun” blesses the consumer with a good tempo, an extremely sunny vibe, perfectly placed vocals that allow it to have that harmonic retro feel, and a few great transient sounds like the xylophone (again – traditional oh land sound) which provide perfect balance to an already perfect performance.  Add some crispy, non intrusive snaps, good stacking on the snares, decent side chaining on the synth for a bit of the electric feel, some water and another Oh Land signature – easy to digest hook and Voila! Some more provocatively Vixenish Magic!

You go down, down, down
I fall out of love with you
Come back round, round, round
You sun of a gun
You go down, down, down
This time I won’t save you
When you drown, drown, drown
You sun of a gun, You sun of a gun”

The bottom in the song, along with Oh Land’s sexy main rhythmic vocals in the “oo’s” (whichtake place throughout the entire song) harmonizing over the heavy thump as the airy claps and angelic choir like background vocals smoothly mesh – carry this tune seamlessly throughout your ear canals and into your head, embedding those “oo’s” for guaranteed constant mental replay all day long.  As your auditory cortex is breached with her superior “oo’s” in the main vocal, which Oh Land states are inspired by Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman” and the Medúlla album by Björk, and which I happen to think are a hell of a lot more captivating and musical than the two, you begin to see that the only downfall to Oh Land is her inability to recognize or realize her own commercially appealing pop sound that makes this particular song an easy crossover record into the commercial top 40 market. As stated in various interviews Ms. Land is on the constant search for what appears to be a new genre yet what we get here is something that simply put will sound great on top 40 radio.  The only slight breath of fresh air for Top 40 radio is her unique vocal signature, which in my world is HUGE enough to change the radio game up a bit and open the door for some more of the REAL talent that Miss Oh Land seems to constantly provide.  Nothing can ever beat a great musical ear and she my friends has two of those!

The song rocks in your head from the moment it wakes you up bright and early on a sunny Friday morning, all the way until check out time form work providing the basis for a great TGIF after work stint that hopefully leads you into an equally vibrant and sunny weekend!  Keep this song on replay as you clean on the weekend, get ready for work, or simply play it with the top down a la Sebastian (Cruel Intentions) mode on your way to wetter and bluer pastures…

In the final shot, Annette drives away in Sebastian’s Jaguar, putting his sunglasses on, with his journal by her side and fond memories of being with Sebastian playing through her head.

Ending on that last “Sun Of a Gun” at 3:17 and that killer Piano…

Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun


Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun (Yusek Remix)



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  • bob

    WOW. ancient. seriously? Keeping it fresh? This is about as fresh as J.LO wearing a velour tracksuit in 2011. Unfresh.

  • hec

    When a song was released has nothing to do with it’s quality. Quality is our only concern.