Starfucker – Death as a Fetish

Starfucker (the artist formerly known as Pryamiddd & as STRFKR – for those who prefer ear muffs) officially released their album today, Reptiles. Representing the city of Portland, Starfucker have produced a few notable tracks on the newest album release with Julius, Astoria and Bury Us Alive but the track with the rather dismal title, Death as a Fetish, happen to catch my attention the most. Ironically, the track  happens to have an upbeat feel which makes you want to rock side to side, break out air drums, and blast the tune as loud as possible:

I’ll never be good enough, quietly.

No, I’ll never be good enough, just like me.”

Starfucker has something to say when you listen to their lyrics throughout the album, especially in regards to the subject of death. As it may sound grim, they actually send a message of not fearing the inevitable and embrace the life you live. The band thrives the most with songs which have a fast tempo as the rest of the tracks on Reptiles are hit or miss. However, Death as a Fetish resonates their sound to a new level and their similar tracks make the listening worth your while.

– Joel

Starfucker – Death as a Fetish


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