Like Diamonds – In This Together (Exclusive Premiere)

As many of you know, we like to go out of our way to find that new inspiring flavor for our readership. Today however, we didn’t have to go far because the band you are about to hear is part of the EMPT extended family and many of you are actually quite familiar with one its members…

Two months ago we premiered a concept album called Nights in Cuba by our good friend Dub Sonata. During our interview in his Mount Vernon studio Dub played me some rough tracks of his next project – Like Diamonds. They were rough to him but there was nothing undone about lead singer Luka Tacon’s delivery and the bands masterful blend of pretty much every style I’ve ever loved. If EMPT was signing artists, I would have signed them on the spot. I told Dub to keep me in the loop and make sure EMPT got the exclusive when they were ready to release and here we are with an amazing track your friend that’s heard everything has never heard.

In the night as I dream while she sleeps, could it be she’s dreaming in a fantasy that we made on our own where there’s nothing no distractions, we’re just in this together…

In This Together is a smooth late night banger about the blind sided nature of being in love. You ever think about your love interest and get lost in your admiration, indulging in all the details of your romance and basking in the feelings that come with it. If you’ve done that then almost by law you’ve stopped right in your tracks to wonder if that person feels the same way about you…

Is it something that she’s feeling too? Am I making an assumption or are we –
In this together?

No one likes the feeling of uncertainty but in my book that’s part of the excitement and romance of it all. Some people like to interrogate their partner about every single detail and before you know it all the magic is gone, I prefer the Like Diamonds approach which is quite simply – Do you feel that too? I like love through love songs and this song quickly became on of my favorites in that category.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from these guys in the months to come and it’s only a matter of time before the internet catches on. Check them out on Myspace, Twitter… you know the drill. Video after jump, enjoy.

Like Diamonds – In This Together

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