Tim & Jean – Come Around

I’ve been keeping my ears to the Aussie music scene and the latest craze over there is Tim Ayre and Jean Capotort aka Tim & Jean’s Come Around. One is 15 years old and the other is 18, is it just me or is music getting a lot younger all of a sudden? I love it. There’s a lot of hype behind this feel good banger and it’s well deserved because these guys nailed it on all angles.

I can’t complain with what I got in this life, possessions only make it hard to feel alright –
That’s why is so much harder for people to smile…”

You can’t go wrong with thoughts like that. If you want more out of something the first step to getting it is to being thankful for what’s already there. When you fully appreciate, understand and exploit whats immediately available to you is when you’re ready for the next thing. Many of us are always thinking about the better option and get caught up in it’s allure. The problem with that is that there’s nothing concrete about it and dreams without action won’t get you far. Moral of the story, take a look around you, take a lot at what you’ve got and treat it like gold because it is. Don’t get me wrong, keep your eyes and mind on the prize at all times but use what’s you have now as the tools to get you there. Don’t worry about how, why or how long it will take – just get to it and everything will manifest itself in the process.

You see what good feeling music does to me? Anyways, this song is an instant mood changer. If you’re feeling down it’s going to get you up, if you we’re already up you’ll be soaring.

Tim & Jean – Come Around