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Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Avril 2011

I got an email from one of our readers telling me about a site that flat out ripped off the entire EMPT style, I mean we’re talking a straight bite here. I have no problem with people borrowing from us but completely stealing our names, concepts and vibe doesn’t make any sense to me. EMPT is a complete reflection of me and my friends and I won’t sit here and watch people pose as us –

You gotta see what I’ve seen, look where I’ve looked
Touch what I’ve reached, and take what I’ve took
You gotta go where I’ve gone, walked where I’ve walked
To get where I’m at to speak what I talk… – Beanie Sigel (The Truth)

I won’t say much about this but be yourself dude, think of your own ideas – if you want to use our stuff ask us and we’ll collaborate but don’t flat out steal, we love you but that’s just corny. We put a lot of heart into EMPT and that’s something you can’t duplicate. Take the time to do the same thing and it will get your site a lot further because in the end –

Biters can’t come near…” – Nas (Halftime, Illmatic)

Anyways, I’m a little taken by this so I’ll let Steph introduce yet another wonderful installment and my favorite mixtape in the entire world –

I’ve been lucky to have traveled a bit lately and had a lot of time to walk and just think and listen to both new and old. There’s a lot of electro-inspired tracks in this mix, but on the slower side of things- tracks I’ve listened to in my recent trips to Paris and London, walking alongside the grey skies and dim-colored collages. This isn’t a fast mix, it’s a much slower ride, getting ready for spring. It’s not quite here yet, but its coming…”

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Raleigh Moncrief – Lament for Morning
  2. Baths – Aminals
  3. Ellie Goulding  –  Lights (Shook Remix)
  4. Dark Colour – Don’t Let It Stop
  5. Alex Winston – Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix)
  6. Metronomy- A Thing for Me (Breakbot remix)
  7. Grandchildren- Cold Warrior
  8. White Hinterland- Icarus
  9. Elden Calder- Where You Go
  10. The Heavenly States  –  Model Son
  11. Mayer Hawthorne – The Ills
  12. Cults  –  You Know What I Mean
  13. Holy Other – We Over (Physical Therapy Extended Remix)
  14. Maxence Cyrin – Where Is My Mind (Pixies Cover)
  15. Isbells  –  Reunite
  16. Conner Youngblood – A Summer Song
  17. Lawrence Arabia – Look Like A Fool

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  • Hell, if I had the time n’ energy I’d be copying you guys too! EMPTs da beest.

  • hec

    Ha, it’s all love just not cool to TOTALLY rip us off like some people keep doing.

  • KC

    Beanie quote is fuckin tough! EMPT is HMJ and that’s something they can’t have.

  • Mo

    You should be flattered instead of pissed off…

  • Vic

    This is ridiculous, most of what you use are for everyone to use and maybe you have a special style but a lot of other blogs use similar stuff… you find a monthly playlist, a wp template that is white and black (main colours used in the WORLD dude…) in many blogs. I love your blog but that´s disappointing…

  • hec

    Ridiculous? I don’t think so. How would you like someone coming to your office and taking credit for everything you do and justifying with your mindset – It’s not a big deal.

    I’m not talking about the design, I’m talking about our content which is our intellectual property. People have been ripping off our posts and taking credit. They’ve also been taking names like LMDM and flipping them as theirs, these are copyright infringements that will be dealt with accordingly. And no I don’t just find a monthly mixtape, that tape is custom made for you every month, with a lot love I might add.

    A lot of work is put into providing you guys a unique experience here and though it is presented simply it is nothing close to the generic downplay you are giving it.

  • Vic

    I understand you guys are mad about people actually taking every word you use for their posts… That s pointless. I had a look at the blog you “accused” on this post and I mean there´s nothing taken from yours except the tape playlist and some widgets… Some of its content is not even on here. I understand you custom made the actual playlist (songs, style), but with my curiosity, I found out it´s acutally a website that provides those widgets… There is even a website which provide for free of use tape photos… I mean come on, you use it because you love it, so im guessing you can understand an other guy using it too. Ok Le miel du mois and playlist du mois are pretty close… but it just means the playlist of the month in french. He should change that, I agree but I like the tape widgets on both of your blogs and they have a different look and different music. I actually downloaded the widget on mixwidget to have it on my desktop.
    Anywayys I think you guys should do something together instead of hating like that… Some comments from probably people that are EMPT followers are pretty shocking, imature and stupid…where´s the music guys?
    PS: sorry by black and white I didn´t mean for the content, it was for the design.

  • hec

    To be honest I wasn’t even talking about that blog in the post. Yeah the name was a little too close to home but I actually like his mixtapes and my initial reaction was to contact him and reach him about featuring it on EMPT. As far as the tapes go, we weren’t the first and won’t be the last to use that design so that’s not what this is about.

    The post was more about the people who are jacking our content and saying they wrote it. You already know we’re all about the music, I’m just responding to the comments to clear things up.

  • Vic

    Of course you are all about music I was just stating that for people posting stupid comments to the other blog…
    Yes techno kids and the tape mix are pretty good and I would love to see you guys doing something together, would be a damn good playlist.
    Well thanks HEC for taking care of answering my comments! good luck with the rest.

  • wwc

    you’re using an open source mixtape widget that used to actually be part of a site that let you automatically create these mixtape widgets by uploading mp3s. its open source, its not yours, and yes other blog do and have been using mixtape widget for quite a while now (myself included)

  • WWC

    on the real though you have a great blog and content, so keep it up.

  • hec

    You guys are funny, I haven’t mentioned the mixtape widget once. Not sure why you keep bringing it up.