Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Larry Ellis & The Black Hammer et Jay-Z

I’ve been pretty good lately at getting rid of unnecessary clutter in my life… giving away clothes I don’t wear, and mostly just recognizing worthless and unusable possessions as, worthless and unusable.  In volume and weight, I’m pretty sure half of my remaining belongings are records.  For several reasons this is a category that I refuse to downsize, ask Dub Sonata or any other record collector, they understand.  Thanks to producer No I.D.’s record collection, today we have possibly the funkiest tune to make it onto the EMPT stage.  Larry Ellis & The Black Hammer’s “Funky Thing Part 1” was printed onto only a few hundred 45’s back in 1969.  The very appropriately titled record bursts out the gate with a B3 solo that captures the sound of the Hammond organ unlike any other recording of its type.  That squeal must be what caught No I.D.’s ear, especially after the quick riffs kick in.

Let that bitch breathe.” -Jay-Z

The “Success” beat is simply started with the opening of “Funky Thing Part 1”, and as the organ slowly growls it’s way to the high note we hear a quick piece of dialogue from American Gangster. The first time the organ starts to move into the sixteenth notes, is when No I.D. programs in his first kick drums, which blend perfectly with the snare that is built into the sample.  His choice of kick and snare for this beat in my opinion is what made it work, by somehow matching the rawness of the B3.  Makes sense since No I.D. packs some of the roughest drums chops in the game (a la “D.O.A.”). We also have to acknowledge that Hov opens up his verses with an obvious interpretation of Eminem’s “I’m Back”.  If only my organ plugins sounded anything like this sample.

Larry Ellis & The Black Hammer – Funky Thing Part 1

Jay-Z ft. Nas – Success

via Kevin Casey Music

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