Yuksek – On A Train (The Magician Remix)

If you’ve been around these parts there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Belgian production team Aeroplane. What you may not know is that Nu-Disco team split up last year right before their debut LP We Can’t Fly, so if you see the name Aeroplane it now refers to a solo effort by Vito De Luca who kept the name…

It’s quite simple, Aeroplane has existed a little less than three years but me and Stephen have been working together for eight. During this time we’ve started projects, stopped them, and started new ones. Aeroplane was one of these projects. The reason why it’s me taking care of Aeroplane is I’m more the studio guy and I’ve been really busy with the album. There’s no anger, no fight, it’s all cool. It may seem strange doing this just before the album appears but we could either do it now or after the album, we couldn’t do it in the middle. If we did it after it would have meant waiting for two years so, it’s a bit brutal, but we decided the album can be the start of what Aeroplane’s going to be from now on.”

Collaboration is tough, especially when you think you can do something better yourself. However, in all creative situations I think it’s important to stay loyal to the art. If the songs come out better when the other person is around then keep things in order, if not then the choice is yours but people can get so caught up in credit and fame sometimes that they throw away the very thing that can help them.

Anyways, the other half of Aeroplane is Stephen Fasano who now goes by The Magician and if you listen to the quality of his productions you find it hard to believe he’s wasn’t “the studio guy.” So far he’s released a remix of Lykke Li’s I Follow Rivers and yesterday he released his version of Yusek’s On A Train so I say he’s been doing alright by his lonesome. In fact, both of these guys have been creating some pretty cool stuff on their own and continue to push the Nu-Disco genre to very interesting places so it all works out.

I read someone say this sounded like Blue Monday but that bassline is a clear cut Funky Town influence. Either way, great song and great remix to get rid of those midweek blues, enjoy.

Yuksek – On A Train (The Magician Remix)

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