FM Belfast – New Year

FM (Fun Music) Belfast is preparing to release their sophomore LP Don’t Want To Sleep this June and their latest single is starting to get some serious love around these parts. The song is called New Year and it’s a feel good anthem destined for all your summer mayhem. I love songs with lyrical mantras and this one is full of them –

You won’t be young again…

Youth is a state of mind but age is certainly passing so I love being reminded of this fact simply because it puts whatever problems I’m having into perspective. I was having a conversation with my friends about a girl he was getting to know. Long story short he went on a few dates but the girl ended up being lame, didn’t want to do anything, was full of reservations and he would have had to spend months to get her to open up.

This is not a knock on the girl because everyone has a choice to live how they want. If you want to sit on your couch watching Mafia Wives for the rest of your life then so be it but man what a waste. I mean don’t we want to go through life making memories?! Doing as much as possible, getting the most out of this blessing called life. I’ve definitely spent a lot of time catering to other peoples fears, worries and insecurities. When you care for people I guess that’s what you do but now I’m starting to realize just how precious our time is. Life is limitless yet everything we do from our jobs to our relationships can create barriers masked as ideals, loyalties, comfort and security.

I don’t know about you but I want do everything, I look at people like Anthony Bourdain traveling the world checking out every cool restaurant ever made and I get excited. Anything that stops you from living life as you see it needs some serious examination. Anyways, happy songs give me fearless thoughts which is why I need them in constant rotation, enjoy…

FM Belfast – New Year

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