Dirty Vegas – Little White Doves

Oh man, the days have gone by (no pun intended) since Dirty Vegas last made noise with any type of hit, but Little White Doves might have changed their one-hit wonder status. Days Go By was made popular by the infamous2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial which gave the notion that anyone playing the track in the car would somehow make you break into compulsive robotic movements (Dave Chappelle perfectly captured it’s ridiculousness back in the day – watch here). The track initially has this over-the-top 80’s pop feel with the vocals, which might tune out some listeners at first, but not going to lie, after a few listens, the track is catchy as hell. The British trio actually broke up for a few years but have reformed and release their new album Electric Love to the masses 2 weeks ago.

This track is bound to create some fun remixes, those into EDM, the EC Twins & Remy remix already made this track club friendly. Don’t be surprised if a few days later, you catch yourself randomly humming Little White Doves out loud, whether you want too or not.

Dirty Vegas – Little White Doves

– Joel

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