Sam Sparro – Pocket (The Presets Radio Mix)

I was recently talking to one of my friends about not letting strangers affect you. The idea is not being phased by someone who hasn’t earned the right to influence your mood, thoughts or feelings. In life we tend to place value on the opinions and thoughts of outsiders who have little to no idea who we are, what we do etc. Their opinion really doesn’t matter but many of us take things like this to heart and make life decisions based on this worthless perception. Of course, this implies that the people we keep close have earned the right to give you advice and opinions because you have allowed them to be major influences in your life. This creates a major vulnerability which nasty people usually exploit in breakups, divorces, arguments, friendships and so on. It’s also why the people closest to you are potentially the most dangerous…

Lessons, detrimental to a young disciple
Focus take care of your brothers, ni$&@s do as I do
Keep your enemies close where they can see you…

Think about it, who has more power to tarnish your reputation, a stranger or your best friend who knows every little detail about you, and if motivated can cleverly manipulate the truth for his/her benefit?

It’s not your enemy who gets you
It’s always your own people.” – Nas (In Between Us)

This doesn’t mean go around worrying – “you can’t spend your whole life worrying about what’s behind you” – but when people are mad they’re capable of doing things without understanding the implications so don’t be naive. Pocket by Sam Sparro is all about awareness and being wise to human nature. A very successful businessman sat me down one day and told me that his reputation was his most valuable asset and he protected it with his life. Unless you’re a bad person to begin with, your friends are the only people capable of harming you so watch them closely. If they do anything to ruin it, well that’s never forgive action. In the end, we have to be accountable for anything that happens so choose your friends wisely, follow your gut and be quick to walk away from ANY relationship that feels the least bit off.

So keep your friends close and your enemies in your pocket…”

Sam Sparro – Pocket (The Presets Radio Mix)

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