Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Ffunny Frends

Thanks to everyone that came out to Noctambule last week –

You could have been anywhere in the world but you’re here with me, I appreciate that.”

It was dope kicking it with a bunch of you so thanks for all the love, I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

Anyways, I’ve been going from gig to gig since that party and have probably slept a good 12 hours total in the last 3 days. Nevertheless the show must go on and the week is just beginning so let’s keep it up. I’ve been playing a lot of dance music lately and as much as I love it listening to nothing but four on the floor will drive anyone crazy so I’m in dire need of a break. I’m talking polar opposites here, no synths, no quantization, dirty, lo-fi sounding music to refresh the palate. That’s where Ffunny Frends by Unknown Mortal Orchestra comes in. I love it when a simple, not really great sounding song can still connect. Music is so flashy these days, so clean and perfect sounding and I’m the first to appreciate it but it’s always nice to remind ourselves that there are other ways to make music and express ourselves. This fuzzy guitar driven jam has summer lounging written all over it. I’m going to lay back and play this on repeat for another 10 minutes or so before getting back to work, enjoy.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Ffunny Frends

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