Mitzi – Morning Light

So much good is happening right now because of this little blog, I don’t even know where to start. For one, I’m going to the Dominican Republic this Friday to spin a place called Fellini. There are some EMPT soldiers down there that are creating a cultural revolution by bringing the Space Age flavor to the Caribbean and it’s time to go rock the island. You guys know how we feel about entertainment and going above and beyond to put on a show. Well these guys are flying in cats from all over to do the same so I’m hyped to be a part of this movement and it’s only just begun. I feel so lucky to have you guys come here and support what we do, it makes all this possible…

And I wonder if you know what it means to find your dreams come true?”  – Labi Siffre

If you happen to be in DR this weekend hit me up, it’s going to be epic.

On top of that we’ve got a new party were curating on Sunday’s at Beekman Beach Club and talk about a hidden gem. If you haven’t been there this place is great, it’s right on the peer and the bar is all sand so it feels like you’re in Montauk at Surf Lodge or something. Luka Tacon from Like Diamonds will be there spinning so expect nothing but the best music wise. For those who didn’t make it Noctambule this is great way to experience the EMPT beach lifestyle, come check it out.

I barely sleep these days and I’m usually up before the sun so the song of todays post is pretty much my latest anthem. Girls have this thing about going to sleep together which is nice and all but there’s so much living to do man, so much to learn that I can’t just check out that easy so I have to say…

Don’t wait up sleep well tonight, we’ll meet again in morning light
Far away across the night, we’ll meet again in morning light
Tomorrow comes in my mind, we’ll meet again in morning light…”

Mitzi is an Austrilian band that came into the scene with the undeniable All I Heard EP. So far I haven’t heard a track from these guys that I don’t like. Their productions are simple but groovin’, their lyrics are to the point but effective and it all comes together to create a spot on vibe, not an easy task. Alright, the saga continues and there’s much to do this week so press play on some good music and get it started right, enjoy.

Mitzi – Morning Light

Mitzi – All I Heard

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