Shindu – Happy House

The beloved Kitsuné sent me this last week and of course great. Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kurok’s team has only been around since 20o2 and they already flaunt an impressive amount of high quality music releases and an influential clothing line. They’ve been at the forefront of every major indy movement since then and continue to pioneer with every record. If you’re game is fashion and music keep your eyes open for Kitsune, they’re a blueprint to study.

Their latest release is a cover of the 80’s hit Happy House by Siouxsie And The Banshees. Keeping true to the trend I spoke about yesterday, this track also has that tropical percussion heavy summer vibe you’ll find hard to resist. Additionally, the songs satirical lyrics poke fun at the people who love to put up a front in their day to day lives. You know the types, they’re miserable but lie to themselves and others in order to keep up whatever poser image it is they want to project. Unfortunately, they all stick together so all you see if poser justifying poser creating this system of fluff that’s impossible to get around.

That’s why my close friends are either too honest for their own good or flat out assholes. Both will tell me what they feel at any time and act on their own accord which helps keep things in perspective. In my book happiness and reality go hand and hand, when you live around the fake you’ll always have something to question which will lead to insecurity which leads to… you get the idea. Alright, I gotta bounce but peep this tropical satire on yet another hot summer day. Enjoy.

Shindu – Happy House

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