O.C. – My World

Man listen, there’s no doubt you’re gonna bump this is in your system…”

A friend of mine and I were recently talking, and the topic of past/current/future relationships with women came up and my friend had an interesting point somewhere along the lines of “I always remember the relationship, but I never remember the build up, how we met, how I initially acted around her, or how I courted her…”  I can’t explain why, but this triggered a wide spectrum of thoughts in my head about the spontaneity and overall weirdness of life. I have always loved those spontaneous moments; whether they be hook-ups, getting a life changing phone call or text message, or getting locked on a downtown Boston rooftop at 4 am with no shoes on. There’s always a refreshing feeling when you do something out of the ordinary and against normalcy. I always remember the actual moment, but never remember the build up of how you even got to that point, it’s like the events leading up to the moment didn’t even matter. To me, that part of life is beautiful, the chance to wake up one day and unexpectedly be thrown into some sort of amazing experience that you will cherish forever is unmatched. The unexpectedness of life is truly a remarkable attribute and opportunity can knock when you least expect it.

It’s my world and I won’t stop, and if you stand in my way you’re bound to get dropped…”

Life can be tough, especially when things don’t go according to plan or work out like you want them too. It seems like sometimes you get handed more downs than ups more losses than wins and whatever other euphemism you want to use. Its times like those that truly put your will and patience to the test, and you really find out a lot about yourself. I find it odd, but awesome, that everything has a way of coming full circle and working out when you believe that you will make it and are able to overcome any hardships in your way. There’s a strange energy to the world, and I firmly believe that if you do the right thing, have humility, and treat those around you with love and respect, everything will work out.

I want the green like indo, a mansion, a car, a wife that’s never been a bimbo. Too much to ask? Well to me that’s simple. Wanna retire on a yacht call it the S.S. Minnow…”

O.C. – My World