Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Jack Mayborn et Prodigy

Oh yall niggas killas now, oh word?  Catch you coming out your fuckin’ crib!”

Mobb Deep are undoubtedly one of the hardest duo’s to ever threaten your life on a record, and be assured that when P runs as a solo artist, the pressure don’t let up.  Prodigy fully embodies that tough edge that defined New York hard core rappers in the 90’s.  When real life adversity catches up to us, and it becomes easier to not fight back, I think we all could use a lil’ 90’s NY rapper in our attitude and outlook.  No scared competitors are going to win in New York, and no bitch made tendencies will be tolerated, so toughen up!  Prodigy faced real problems with the law, rap kingpins, and his health, and still put out an album entitled H(ead).N(igga).I(n).C(harge), which included “Keep It Thoro”, one of the hardest records with one of the hardest lines…

I break bread, ribs, hundred dolla bills…”

One definite asset in Prodigy’s success was the unwavering loyalty from producer, Alchemist.  ALC has always had some of the hardest beats in the game, and he seemingly never held back any heat from Mobb Deep.  “Keep It Thoro” and it’s Jack Mayborn sample is a perfect example of hard-digging paying off.  Definitely one of the digs that, as a producer, you would have done anything to get to to it first.  I mean, listen to that thing.  Well, if it wasn’t me, I’m glad it was ALC who did find it, because I’m not sure who else could/would have matched it with such a perfect snare, and perfect swing.  Put this on repeat for a while, and Keep It Thoro.

Jack Mayborn – Music People

Prodigy – Keep It Thoro