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The 2 Live Crew et Santigold

Welcome September – Asides from back to school (for some of us, ha!) this week has been pretty uplifting between an electrified zoo weekend, and a fashion filled week. Maybe it’s just a change of season, but there’s something different in the air. The warm days of summer are starting to go away, but don’t be sad my friends, chillin is for all seasons!

Hangin’ on the corner, lookin’ real sporty
Coolin’ with the fellas while downin’ a 40
Nothing to do, just killin’ time

I recently watched Boyz N The Hood again, and I have I couldn’t keep my ears from perking up at the soundtrack. I know, I know, I don’t live in South Central, and I’m not friends with Ice Cube. But there is something about this track that just helps me remember that you have to take things easy sometimes. I urge you to have a laugh with le lyrics because it’s clearly what some boys are talking about when you see them hangin’ in the corner  (So the bitches walked by and my dick popped out!). Picture this: you’re walking out of class/work/whatever, you’re looking good but you’re not really trying. You turn the corner see a group of  kids howling at you: “Giirrl, so much meat and I’m on a diet!” or, if you’re in my block: “Mujer, tanta carne y yo a dieta!”

What does the girl/foxy lady answer?

I know what’s been mad, you really don’t

Try to hold a light to me, I’m a lady  

The Benny Blanco remix of Santigold’s “I’m a Lady” that Hec sent us a while ago says it! This track has a smooth beat mixed with Santigold’s sharp vocals. These lyrics are strong and uhh…well I gotta say it’s lighting up the inner feminine-womanlover in me.

Where ma ladies at.


The 2 Live Crew – Hangin’ Out

Santigold – I’m a Lady (Benny Blanco Remix)