The Asteroids Galaxy Tour et Justice

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the Asteroids Galaxy Tour play a show at Bowery Ballroom. What I totally didn’t expect, was to fall in love with their opener, She Keeps Bees. A trio I had never heard of, and instantly remembered because of their unique name and 60s retro rock sound, (reminiscent of a bad ass chick singer version of The Black Keys), I was blown away. The lead singer was a swaggy, long-haired chick by the name of Jessica Larrabee, and by the time their set was over, I was both sad and totally in the mood to vibe on some even more positive energy music. Which was exactly what happened. For some reason, I decided to focus on the drummers (in both bands) all night, and I found their timing to be impeccable. Why was this my focus all of a sudden? I don’t really know. Maybe it’s just when certain music really starts to drive your soul, so much so that your entire body is moving in perfect rhythm with what’s going on on-stage, you need to take a step back for a moment and look at the technicalities.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, (which I’m just going to abbreviate from now because it’s really coming to be a mouthful) was probably best summed up in two words: glittery-gold. In all aspects. The music, band members, audience…I could go on. I loved it and ate up every second of it.

A really cool thing that I noticed was how the drummer from She Keeps Bees, (Andy LaPlant) would hit the symbol and then grab it really quick to mute the sound. Usually that’s done at the end of a song, for a clean finish, as you guys probably know. But he would do that, then hit a couple of other drums, (forgive my poor drummers knowledge and lingo, I can only hope you’re following) so that the sound was similar to something synthy. Definitely something electronic influenced, but so fantastic because the band is the least bit electronic. They’re totally raw and minimal with the bare necessities: a guitarist, a drummer, and a singer.

So I meant to write more about AGT, but sometimes you just have to go with what moves you most. That’s what the experience is. And then re-telling that experience in the best and most accurate way possible, is something that doesn’t need to be mastered — it just needs to be honest. Honesty with oneself, and with ones’ audience is totally key.

Anyways, dig this track recently released from Justice. It’s one of AGT’s bigger songs, and I think Justice does a pretty fabulous job of making it that much more danceable. And sexy bass-y. Funkadelic actually.

I wish I lived in a golden age…

And check out She Keeps Bees website to listen to and download their album, they deserve to be heard. You might want to specifically check out All Or None/Dark Horse, and Vulture.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Golden Age (Justice Remix)

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Major

Cheers beauties,