Cassian – Nobody

One of my favorite restaurants/hang outs in the city is a new spot called Pulqueria. If you’ve been to that shady alley in Chinatown where Apotheke is then you know where Pulqueria is. The place has no signs and to get to it you have to go open this seemingly random grey door, and go down a dark staircase till you finally find yourself in an awesome Mexican restaurant in Chinatown of all places. I ate there last week before it opened and the food is amazing. If you’re a tequila only person like me then you’ll love the drinks, one of the mixologist from Apotheke is down there cooking up all sorts of interesting drinks you’ve never had before and if you love expanding your palette they’re for you. I DJ’d there last night and will be every Thursday so stop by after 9 PM to listen to some Space Age music, drink some Pulque and eat tacos.

One of my favorite tracks to DJ right now is Cassians Nobody. I played it last night and the way the low end sounds on big systems never ceases to amaze me. I don’t know if it’s that rising chord progression, the funky bass and guitar lines or the sexy blend of them all but there’s something about this jam that just makes you feel like a million euros. As I stood there last night playing Space Age and reminiscing about this movie I continue to live I couldn’t help but think of Le Jours Heureux. Being in that mood made me realize that the problems we create are just excuses. I know that’s a broad statement but contrary to what any idiot might say, we live in a place where nobody will stop you from making the most of yourself but it’s totally up to you. It’s all an mathematics, one thing adds up to the other and if you want something then you just have to be disciplined and determined enough to do the things necessary to get it.

For example, you want to get in shape? Well if you work out everyday and eat right it is absolutely true that you will achieve your goals. 1+1 folks. There’s also a reversal of the law and one thing can subtract from another so if you work out only to go home and eat cheesecake because you think you earned it then you should know what to expect.

Nothing shocks me, I’m a scientist… – Harrison Ford

Contrary to popular belief, life isn’t as mysterious as we would like to think. The universe is governed by certain laws, the mystery is found in discovering them. That said, life always throws a few curveballs at you but it’s always 1+1 so when you’re down you know what you need to do to get up and nobody can stop you. Anyways, great track to get you pumped up for the weekend festivities, enjoy.

Cassian – Nobody

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