Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Wings et Rick Ross & Meek Mill

So those that stay up on the now in Hip-Hop, or have twitter, probably are aware that the Boss Ricky Ross suffered two separate seizures yesterday, both that caused emergency landings for the flights he was on.  Luckily for the Hip Hop genre, he is ok and scheduled to perform tonight in North Carolina. With that said – this dude is flat out leaving a real legacy through his music, not just putting out records, but really cementing himself in the history books, writing his story day by day and telling it on wax.  Running his own label on one major, and being signed as a solo on another.  Signing two artists from regions under-represented in Hip Hop, and putting them on the major stage.  Boss moves.  Hate if u’d like.

Musically, the man picks beats as good as anyone, and like the homey Buckwild mentioned on twitter once, he should start a beat-picking consultation service for some of these taste-less rappers in the game. Lyrically Ross talks about the street/party/good-life, and he’s got that whole lane on smash these days. The whole thing.  “He’s killed everything he’s been on since 2009” one of my boys accurately claimed to me the other day.  And for the New York sector of his haters, here’s Rozay over some Alchemist drums, the type of instrumental you probably think he can’t hit.  Rapping back and forth with his young gun Meek Mills.  Oh yea, Sample Saturday… chops courtesy of “Jet” by Paul McCartney & Wings. Long live Rozay the perfectionist.

Paul McCartney & Wings – Jet

Rick Ross & Meek Mill – Perfectionist

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