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Mark Ronson Feat. Daniel Merriweather – Stop Me (Chicken Lips Remix)

Nowadays, I have this pressure to be on my “A” game at all times. I can clearly see every mistake I’m making, before I make them, knowing fully well what the consequences will be. Needless to say I am making less and less mistakes everyday and becoming somewhat of a champion at things. I can see clearly, how to obtain results. What kind of results? Any results. I know that if I party the night before, and choose to drink to get drunk, when I wake up the next day, I will have to pile up more work and manage my time accordingly. There is no other option. I have to work mind, body, and soul out, everyday, all day, on top of the long list of goals and ambitions that I carry around tucked away into a pack strapped onto my back. Literally, a pack strapped onto my back. You see, in order for me to always be on my “A” game, I have to have constant access to information and my work. I’m sort of my own mobile office nowadays. The simple reason for choosing not to be in my office, or at home, is because like I said earlier ‘I have to work mind, body, and soul out, everyday, all day’.

Anyhow, I’m saying this because I decided to write this post on the way from my last meeting of the day, to the movie theatre with a friend. Last night I spent a notorious NYC night out at a few low key, yet rambunctious venues. CMJ is in town, what can I say? It’s also just part of my job and it doesn’t look like it’s letting up anytime soon…

Mark Ronson Feat. Daniel Merriweather – Stop Me (Chicken Lips Remix)

I checked out Kitsune and RAC at the Hudson Hotel, and then went down to Gold St. to see some more performances. Checked out The Fader Fort by Fiat on the weekend to vibe with Metronomy and ASAP ROCKY, amongst a few other acts I was curious to check out, and then a friends Grammy panel, in which he discussed the technical aspects of a hit record. Point is, I’m not allowed to give myself any excuses as to why something on my list of ‘Things To Do’ hasn’t been checked off. Knowing full well how the night was going to end up, I had to be prepared to mobilize today for business and, pleasures sake. Last week, on the recommendation of a good friend back in L.A., I caught the movie “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen. It wasn’t what I expected, but I ended up enjoying the “Back To The Future” storyline mixed in with a hint of “Time Bandits”. I found the plot and the characters enjoyable. Being a writer myself, I related to the protagonist on more than one instance. Long story short, I decided that I would get out once a week to check out a movie and disconnect from work. Between work, studying, class, and writing, the hours are filled up with an extensive checklist of items that need to be handled. So, for my soul, and mind, I have to make sure to make some time for social activities and plain old movie nights. Tonight I’m off to see “The Skin I Live In”, which genre is described as “polymorphous”. Whatever, I walked passed a Starbucks and decided to pop in and get some writing done before the movie. I’m taking the advice of one Ernest Hemingway, who said “a writer should write every day”. Genius, that guy was. Here I am, writing daily.

I just grabbed a grande coffee, popped the mac open, and picked the first song that stood out to me from the EMPT Approved folder. Feeling awfully unstoppable in nature, “Stop Me” – a Chicken Lips malfunction (remix), raised it’s highest octave at me. I figured ‘this song is hopefully about no one being able to stop me’, so I hit play and the energy sucked me right in regardless. Turns out the song is more about love, go figure, although the video finds the main character controlled by a pair of sneakers, which is a much cooler concept for me.

Regardless, of a mixed and rather hypocritical review or two out there, the original Mark Ronson record itself was pretty well-pieced together, but this amplified version just takes the cake sonically, handed over with care evident in the lapidary technique of the Chicken Lips trifecta. Tune in on this event at some point throughout your day and even the rain won’t be able to slow you down. The sounds on this one provided exactly what I expected to hear from the lyrics, and on that note, I’m off.

Try and “Stop Me”.


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  • Rosángela

    Me estoy sintiendo profundamente identificada con estas palabras. And I hate it… anyways you should see “Paranoid park” in your free time; Truffaut leía un libro diario y para el eso era como su trabajo, me gusta eso que dices de ver una peli para desconectarte de tu trabajo, pero para mí eso es parte de tu trabajo también… Cuando vengas a la isla denuevo, let me know. 😉 R

  • cp

    will def check out paranoid park!

  • Rosángela

    i’m looving this page, and all the good music!

  • awesome track. remember: “Antichrist” by Lars Von Trier, I need to know how bad it feels to like a movie like this one in another person’s words.