Holy Ghost! – Some Children (Feat. Michael McDonald)

It feels good to be back in New York but man was this last trip to DR much needed. Hanging out with people down there really shows you how much New Yorkers stress and worry, about everything! Could it be that NYC’s celebrated hustle mentality is just a mask for peoples insecurities and anxieties? Does the city not sleep because it’s up all night worried about the next day? That’s not an easy question but in my quest for balance I can’t help but question the value of this mentality, I don’t even think it makes you more productive if that is in fact the goal.

People say things aren’t black and white I have a suspicion that they are and our very own human nature is the gray area. It’s all mathematics, cause & effect, 1+1. If you slack off, you have to catch up and if you’re catching up then you’re falling behind and all those things lead to to problems. It seems to me the gray area is our elaborate excuse justification system and they key to simplifying things is being disciplined enough to take care of responsibilities. Anyways, get things done but do it without the heart attack. If you have responsibilities that you ignore then you know the consequences, there are no surprises.

You don’t hear when I’m talking, you don’t hear what I’m saying…”

So what does this have to do with Some Children?, absolutely nothing. I love DJing this jam and it’s just one of those tracks I like to put on in the background to chill out with to gain perspective. That said, I’m gonna go cool and get all my shit done today to keep the universe in order, enjoy.

Holy Ghost! – Some Children (Feat. Michael McDonald)

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