Lykke Li – Hanging High

I read an article not too long ago about Lykke Li, and she was talking about how her music comes from a sad dark place and how she thought it too be possible that she was born this into sadness.  She didn’t seem to be upset about it because she explained how it helped with her writing.

And when it hurts the most
I’ll push a little more
I’m back where I started at
You know I’m a little lost
Like lightning in my heart”

I find it refreshing to listen to a female artist who can really embrace who she is and what she is writing about.  It makes you want to listen to her more, and you can almost feel what she is feeling from her vocals, I guess you could say that honesty is what makes the best music and we don’t have a whole lot of honesty these days.

When I was listening to this track it really made me ask myself about how honest I was being with my own self.  I think this track is great to sit back and mellow out to as well…Enjoy!

Lykke Li – Hanging High