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Penguin Prison – Don’t Fuck With My Money (Official Video)

This is still one of my favorite songs from 2011 and the theme is more relevant to the current state of affairs than most people know. I’m not really into politics as you’ve probably noticed by now, there are so many layers of power and everything is so cloudy that unless you’re hip to what’s really going on you’re pretty much just talking about nothing. However, given all the movements popping up around the country and the fact that I love this song so much I had to give my two cents about this stuff. I won’t get into a lecture about what’s really going on because we have Google but make sure to educate yourself on who prints the cash in the US. Don’t get distracted by all the nonsense and complicated explanations on TV, it’s 99% diversion, it all starts and ends with the folks who make the paper. When you understand that you’ll understand what “don’t f&%k with my money” really means, enjoy.

  • Rosángela

    I just saw them here in DR couple of weeks ago, pretty nice.

  • Snow

    Wow this video completely ruined the song and band for me. it went from new, tight, and eyes on the money to politically pretentious. is this even a smart move for an up and coming band? jumping in and endorsing a political group that is waning in popularity? honestly they could have done the same video only been with the tea party in terms of the lyrics. and i would dislike it equally in that case. how about entertainers stick to entertainment and stop preaching to people like their political opinions are of some high caliber that us commoners can’t fathom. ps i am not a member of the apparently infamous 1%.

  • Rosángela

    This is an interview with SUN RA. I feel this also is what we should be sharing. Hope you all feel it too.