Crayon Fields – All The Pleasures Of The World (Dan Block Remix)

This track has been lingering now for a bit, just trying to figure out the perfect time to post it.  The Dan Block Remix of it is great with just enough mellow and upbeat attitude mixed together to make the Sunday mood feel like Saturday night is still lingering.

I love the lyrics because they personally speak to me in such a way that I can really connect and its saying all the things I am thinking.  I think that love is initially the message here, but I think there is a much bigger message as well.  Most of us are striving for pleasure but all we are doing is clinging to hard and that’s when we get disappointed.  It’s OK to be passionate about something you want or someone you want and all the beauty but in the end you have to be passionate about yourself, trust yourself and know that your doing all you can to get the pleasures you deserve.

All of the pleasures of the world always surround you
All the adventures of the world always happen around you
I’ve offered you things knowing you’ll reject them
I have borrowed things so you’d come collect them

It’s like I’m too young to love, so I just love everything
I want to dangle from your arms, wasted, singing”
If your a passionate person like I am, don’t be afraid to be embrace that, just remember not to live for anyone but yourself, as long as your honest with yourself then you can be satisfied that your being honest with everything and everyone else…It’s OK to be young and want to love everything.

It’s been a beautiful day and the night is still as pleasurable, so clear your mind and vibe out, press play and don’t even think about the week ahead of us…Enjoy!

Crayon Fields – All The Pleasures Of The World (Dan Block Remix)