Kid Cudi – Falling Star (R3K Remix)

Not only am I a huge Kid Cudi fan but this remix is F*&ing Filthy, and again for all of you that don’t know that term it means too great for words..I’ll be using this word a lot when I think something is amazing! So now that we have that clear lets move on to what makes this track crack…I love remixes and the beat of this track caught my attention immediately upon the first 2 seconds.  Not only that but the title caught my attention as well, and I know this might seem a little corny but I actually saw a falling star for the first time in years last night and it made me catch my breath because I know for my own self I am going to own 2012!

A falling star fell from your heart
And landed in my eyes
I scream for love
As it tore through them
And now it’s left me blind

I have been building a lot of perspective lately and I think our dreams and wishes are built from the love that we have for ourselves, its so important to have love for ourselves and remember to catch our breath every now and then…I don’t want to go to deep because I really could right now so press play and rock out to this one, its killer!


Kid Cudi – Falling Star (R3K Remix)