Music Remixes

Urban Cone – Freak (Mr. Nelson RMX)

What’s up EMPT nation? So for this Thursday I decided to give props to an upcoming band I’ve been digging a lot the last few months. Urban Cone hails from Sweden, yet again the Nordic country produces another gem, not sure what’s in their milk up there but they’re producing artists out the yin-yang lately. This band showed promise on their EP this past  summer so I’m assuming they’ll make noise when an album is released in the near future. I stumbled on a few remixes of the track Freak which are stellar so had to share with you all. The first remix comes from Mr. Nelson and the second remix is from Adventure of Mashup. Both remixes win you over in different ways. Till next time.

“I’m living in the shadows, I’m in the street
If you try to get me, I’ll fight you back
They treat me like a monster, they treat me like a freak
Don’t try to get me, I’ll fight you back

Don’t leave footprints in the snow, footprints in the snow
Cause they will track you like a freak, track you like a freak”

Urban Cone – Freak (Mr. Nelson RMX)

Urban Cone – Freak (Adventure of Mashup Remix)