Capital Cities – Holiday (Madonna Cover)

Sup folks, we’ve got something very special for you all today… A very exclusive cover of Madonna’s Celebrate from LA’s Capital Cities. To put it simply, the track is fresh. The band has just finished touring South America and they are 98.7’s band of the month and after listening to this and their new self-titled EP there’s no question why. The production is top notch and they make a breezy, mature and refined brand of electro-pop that’s hard to resist. All 5 tracks on the EP are on point so it’s safe to say these guys will catch fire in the next few months for sure.

Holiday was Madonna’s first hit single and regardless of how you feel about pop music you’d have to be a terribly miserable and jaded individual to not feel good when the track is on. It charted top 20 in billboard while also doing very well in Europe so it goes without saying if you’re going to cover an international smash hit you better know what you’re doing. Capital Cities gives the track a beloved nu-disco make over while faithfully capturing the songs celebratory disposition in a way that just makes you feel fantastic. The hook explodes with those synths and irresistible guitars – these guys know what they’re doing.

I played this at a gig at a Malibu beach house last weekend and I dropped this right as the sun was setting and man did it feel good. On my way back I ended racing a Gt3 on Pacific Highway with this in the background and I warn you all, don’t play this while you’re driving fast because when that hook kicks in you’re going to floor it and go into a state of pure uncontrollable joy.

Now more than ever I find myself in a passionate love affair with working, creating and contributing. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing good can be achieved without focus, determination, passion and hard work. If you think differently you’re in for a big surprise. That’s why it’s so important to love what you do because you have to be able to dive in at an almost spiritual level in order to be exceptional. Going that hard makes those moments of relaxation, those times when you hang with friends, those occasions with your family, those holidays that much more worth it.

Anyways, the band is playing their Close To Home Show at the Viper Room this coming Monday January 30th, so if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area you should definitely go check the technique, enjoy.

Capital Cities – Holiday (Madonna Cover)