Cordova – Paradigm

Chances are you’ve never heard of Cordova but don’t hit yourself over the head for it, this is one of those side projects that we can only hope see’s the light of day again. The group is a collaboration between Vancouver’s U-Tern and AGK’s Roxy. The two came together and made one of my favorite dream/synth-pop records to date, Paradigm. This adventure of a love song is about a girl dealing with a dude stuck in a pattern of thinking that gets in the way of her love for him. She’s aware of the problem and makes exceptions hoping that he’ll break out of it and be the person she fell in love with but eventually realizes that she’s living a pipe dream…

You’ll never be the same it’s hard for me to let you know. But you’re never gonna change it’s time for me to let you go…”

We’ve all dealt with people who live deep in their paradigms, completely oblivious to anything anyone else might be dealing with. In a world where strong will and character is a rarity I admire people with those qualities. However, the second you believe you’ve found the way is the second you stop growing and that’s not something I can’t get down with.

Having seen all the true principles, do not keep any of them in your chest. Let go of them cleanly, making your heart empty and open, and do what you do in an ordinary unconcerned state of mind. You can hardly be called a maestro unless you reach this stage.” – Miyamoto Musashi

No matter how smart you are, how much you learn or what you think you know, if you let those thoughts define you and they become your paradigm the consequence is dangerous. Instead of flowing like water, being able to adapt and move through life you become like ice, stiff and breakable if you fall. Translated to love that means you have the potential of limiting what you can experience, closing yourself off to certain emotions and feelings. Moral of the story keep your mind and heart empty and open, enjoy.

Cordova – Paradigm