Jhameel – Shadow of a Man

Well this is disappointing. I’m at work and I wanted to take a quick break to type up this post about Jhameel’s latest track. It just so happened that my Firefox crashed and lost everything that I had opened, so the concise description which included a sweet Michael Jackson link, was erased. It’s not that I hate technology, I just hate how it interacts with me, specifically. Most of the people in my office (primarily my bosses) have seen me freak out at my laptop at one point or another. It happens probably every other week. I’m not happy about it, but I have to assume if I’m going to continue working for the internet that my luck will eventually get better.

Anyways, Jhameel’s latest track is a little bit darker but no less spunky than his other tunes. Something I’ve always wished was to be able to scream and sing at the same time. I guess scream isn’t the word for it, it’s more like a punch. What really comes to mind takes form in a quick tangent, totally relevant nonetheless.

The other day, I re-watched a video of Michael Jackson performing for the 25th anniversary of Motown. I noticed a couple of amazing things. One, his live performance was obviously even better than his recorded vocals, if it’s even possible to say that. It’s perfect. But the second thing I noticed, which made the first thing even more remarkable, was how much movement MJ put into his live act. Every single part of his body was moving at any given point of the performance, in a very complicated practiced choreography. His legs  were almost an entirely separate part of his body. You need to be in excellent physical condition to dance like that. But to sing, rather, “vocally punch” for relativity’s sake, in practically perfect tune while doing such complex dance moves, is a spectacle alone.

I never really question why great musicians are so widely received as great musicians. But I think part of the beauty in understanding and appreciating their music, is questioning their music in relation to yourself. Why are they so great, to you? It’s no question that MJ was loved by everyone, but it’s always important to dissect a performer so that we can give them as much credit as possible. Because  they work hard to have that recognized, and even if MJ is dead, we can continue to dissect and try to comprehend his talent. I did the same thing last night as I sat on a fluorescent lit trainride back to Manhattan with Radiohead. Like, I’ve always known that Radiohead is inherently awesome. And I have really specific memories linked to my love for Radiohead. But rarely do I sit down and truly listen to their music and dissect why it’s so unbelievably good.

Long tangent, but hopefully you enjoyed it!

Jhameel – Shadow of a Man