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Santogold – Say Aha

This is what an instant classic sounds like.  Vocals that have that slight feel of the late Amy Winehouse’s “He Can Only Hold Her” record mixed with a touch of vibe from Madcon’s “Begging you”.  The rock and roll drums with that reggae bass make room for Santi’s super fresh punk infused vocals that make this song as bad ass as her!  I couldn’t stop dancing as I wrote this out and the song rocked in my headphones on repeat.  The bridge chimes in like an old wild wild west encounter where the drums carry you on through a sultry Lykke li style vocal that smoothly enchants your eyes shut like a sexy disco singer/dancer from a James Bond 70’s movie as Santi prepares to sneak attack you with her ground stomping chorus. 

Louder than they
Louder than they
Louder than they
Allow allow allow

Say Aha, Aha, Say Aha, aha”

This song right here puts an end to the Monday Blue’s with the power punch of super heroine Santogold like a character out of a Quentin flick. 

I’m picking up my ass
Up from off the fence
Gonna blow a hole in this charade
It’s self defense
I’m a army got a whole brigade in my two sense”

It puts an end to any day blues for that matter, before ending much to soon as you catch yourself singing and humming the song both out loud, and in your head simultaneously much after the record has stopped playing.. Like I said, instant classic with a killer groove that keeps on grooving!

Santogold – Say Aha

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