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Snakadaktal – Dance Bear

I was drawn to this track for several reasons. Their name, first. It’s fun to say and if you’ve never listened to their music before you don’t really know what to expect. Like, is this band weird? Or really silly? Maybe metal? Then you discover that they’re Australian, so you begin to wonder if they’re like any of the other Australian bands you know. The truth is that this five piece (despite the photo only showing three) Australian band will have you drooling over their synth melodies and overlapping male/female vocals that beg to be replayed over and over again. They’ve got the perfect bit of loud cymbals and drums mashed together with intimate but hard guitar. I say hard because I think of harder rock and roll when I hear the guitar here. It’s a really divine combination of different sounds; isolated, each musical instrument/portion feels like it’s from a different musical genre. Combined, they create this really fun indie-pop rock sound that taps into that unconscious head bobbing part of your brain.

It’s been such a beautiful weekend, I hope this ties it all together in an adorable way. Enjoy, lovelies!

Snakadaktal – Dance Bear

  • Mollz

    Great find!

  • CP

    Like Mollz said, great find! Loving the write up and the song! 🙂