Van She – Jamaica

It’s been storming all day long and I have to say I love it.  Nothing better to me then warm stormy summer weather that I just want to dance around in and drink some crisp beer.  I love how around 2:08 in the track the horns start to blast and the track takes you into an even bigger louder trance.  This trance makes me thinking about taking a trip, I’ve been talking with my best friend about heading somewhere tropical, we both haven’t done that in ages and this track makes the picture and the thought all too real! I just feel really good when I listen to this, for me it screams summer, beaches, and love.

Now I just realized I have been pronouncing their name wrong, yep I can totally admit when I am wrong and I have too much respect for musicians to go around pronouncing their name wrong.  So for those of you who were doing the same thing I was its “Van Ski”.  So back to the track…

The use of drums and synth in this track is priceless, there is a lot going on but the way these guys have it all blended is so beautiful.  Vocalist Nicholas Routledge has a voice that literally moves like a wave like it just doesn’t stop and keeps you glued.

We are just all animals eating food, making love to the music of life

Need I say more about that line, it’s one of the best lines I have heard all week, we are all one with the world.  I am going to go dance around in this stormy summer rain with this tune on repeat in my head, enjoy!

Van She – Jamaica