Ornette – Sur Le Sable (feat. Mike Ladd)

Tant pis pour moi,
j’ai pas sommeil,
j’attends le soleil…”

It has been a week since I returned from a self-imposed French exile, and this song has been on repeat since I landed in the homeland. French singer Ornette was one of the many things those cool pareeseans taught me. Her follow-up EP Crazy Friends, which was released in april, has a bunch of lovely surprises (like, say… children’s voices accompanying the chorus of a track and a funky cover of Justice‘s On and On). The claps keep this track steady, and Ornette’s loopy voice make a nice contrast with Ladd’s quick raps.

I demand nothing but simply to hold ya’ hand, Goddamn!”

Do us a favor and play this song, remember how good it is to strut aimlessly though the sand and say adieu to the usual Monday headaches. My love goes out to Paris, and all the great people and things that city has to offer.

Ornette – Sur Le Sable (feat. Mike Ladd)