Flight Facilities – With You ft. Grovesnor (MAM Remix)

I could swear the first time I heard this track was when I took this picture above. But it wasn’t. The picture was last winter and this song came out about a month ago. I guess I’ve been playing it so much lately and wishing I was enjoying it on that specific moment of that still.

Anyway, this remix has all the elements of a slick, sexy, thumping and laid-back timeless jam. Sunset or sunrise, waking up or going to sleep, cocktail-mixing or baby-makin’ this is THE song to play.

I believe FF can do no wrong, and this song is evidence of it. Let yourself be taken away by the lyrics and the groove of this tune. There’s not much to say for a song when by itself it says so much.

Lets go
And get away to somewhere quiet
Where we can be in private away from prying eyes
And loose lips
That’ll get us into trouble see the whole world tumble down”

Flight Facilities – With You ft. Grovesnor (MAM Remix)

By Yaqui

International Business Development Director for GCS Systems, Ltd. (@tPago) | Technology, Social Media and Music Maverick. Actually, I have an absurd fascination with music -- this is the product of it.