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White Sea – Mountaineer

Morgan Kibby’s angelic vocals instantly grab your ears and never let them go on this heavenly summer trip through the bliss of the ideal day in a teenagers life.

It’s a Teen Dream…”

The airy ad libs and vocals conjured up on this midnight summer dream supplement the 80’s like drum sounds and patterns perfectly during the more acoustic Dr. Jekyll sides of the song.  But what’s Dr. Jekyll without Mr. Hyde here?, as Mountaineer boasts a nicely pieced together “wall of sound” filled by noisy guitars with just the proper amount of distortion that we use to whisk us away into the dream world, and, it’s equally well executed droning riffs that complete the foundation of the original dubstep sound found here for me.

The songs dramatic Rock n’ Roll ending carries us to the photo finish scene of a teenager in an epic track race, hands raised from a win as his fellow track members lift him up high all while the Nu Gaze sounds continue to chant on!

White Sea – Mountaineer