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Tennis – Petition (Vacationer Remix)

Sometimes during these super hot and heavily humid summer days we need something more than some cold air conditioning to chill us down.  This Vacationer Remix of Petition is exactly just that.

The chords on this remix are so warm that they compliment Alaina Moore’s soft spoken vocals the way the sun, the ocean, a Piña Colada, and a swagged-out Caribbean band compliment a smooth reggae singer on the beach in the tropics somewhere.  The placement of her vocals slightly above the claps keep her sonic presence right where you want it as her tone surfs the sound waves smoothly in and out of your ear dreams to provide that blissfully soothing feeling you can only get from basking in the sun on a lazy summer day.

This is the type of music you can put in your playlists to hang out by the poolside and even listen to as you fall asleep on a hammock.

Enjoy the dream!

Tennis – Petition (Vacationer Remix)