Lauryn Hill – Lost Ones

I realize I haven’t posted in a bit but believe me my heart and soul and physical sweat has been here every day making sure you all are getting the quality and quantity that you deserve but there should never be an excuses, I am actually the first person to call out everyone excuses.

Lost Ones gives a lot of meaning to what we deal with as artists, or actually any profession for that matter.  But it’s really amazing how money can complicate things, creative situations, people you care about.  One thing I do know is you have to be careful and never take advantage of the people that do have money, it isn’t something I want to get into because I have seen too much off all these situations and could go on for days but the bottom line is you have to remember what your ultimate goal is, who are you trying to inspire, who inspires you, forget about that shit that grows on trees because if I am not mistaken talent doesn’t grow on trees.

Lauryn’s album The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill is all about her trials and tribulations as an artist, in her own personal life and with religion, something I definitely relate to on all levels and I think most of us can relate to as well at a certain point in our lives.  I wasn’t old enough to really understand some of the things she was saying in her music back in 1998, but I was definitely drawn to Lauryn and even more so now.  It’s really a trip to go back and relive the artists that you love and watch a whole different meaning come from their music then what you took from it years ago.  It’s beautiful thing to watch our growth as human beings.

It’s funny how money change a situation 
Miscommunication leads to complication 
My emancipation don’t fit your equation 
I was on the humble, you – on every station 
Some wan’ play young Lauryn like she dumb 
But remember not a game new under the sun

You might win some but you just lost one 
You might win some but you just lost one.”


Lauryn Hill – Lost Ones