The xx – Chained


There’s always two sides to every love story; whether we like it or not. Before I continue any further, it should be very clear how biased I am towards The xx as they are one of my favourite bands. So please excuse my probably biased but honest post.

As I was saying, about the two sides to every love story.. It just so happens that no one believes the truth but their own truth (at least in my humble opinion). And sometimes -ironically- when people have just been freed from a relationship they remain chained to a feeling or their ‘truth’. Sometimes we ask if we held the other person too close or didn’t let them breathe and we do so with a rhetoric tone as we hope there’s a chance the other person doesn’t answer even though we asked.

“I watched you breathe in
And I wish you’d stop
Only for long enough
Long enough”

The worst realisation is to acknowledge how two people that were once so close, could be asking themselves these questions. It just proves how -without noticing- we can grow apart as fast as we attract each other.

“Winged or chained
I ask you
Would you have stayed
Did I hold you too tight
Did I not let enough light in”

Oliver and Romy tell this story with their usual unique blend of simple vocals and melodies; this time in a bit more upbeat and almost danceable rendition than their first single Angels. It sounds like a typical xx tune in the bassline, guitar riffs and the cataclysmic drum work except for the subtle influence of a couple new musical elements that set this album apart when you appreciate it as a whole. As the sophomore release of their new album, Chained has been expected with much anticipation.

The xx – Chained

By Yaqui

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