Kisses – Funny Heartbeat


KissesMidnight Lover (Ultra City Dub) which clocks at a little over 9 minutes was one of the -if not- the biggest releases of 2011. It hit me so hard and bad that the year ended and nothing came close to it. I’m not sure they released any original material for at least two years and this first single off their upcoming new album finds them treading their usual waters but you can sense them swimming in a slightly different direction.

It’s as disco-dance infused as we’d expect from Kisses yet one can feel a lot more confidence out of Jesse Kivel’s voice upon hearing Funny Heartbeat’s lyrics.

“All the nights we slept alone
I lost my cell phone
And now I miss you
I’m feeling the pulse of this
Funny Heartbeat
Gonna do it again
This funny heartbeat
Ohh ohh ohh.”

The true magic of these Kisses songs is not necessarily within the lyrics themselves but you can experience it when you hear their songs with your eyes closed. Try it. They actually have this power to transport you. In this case you can’t help but feel the sun-drenched beach air moving the palms on the trees while drinking a Bloody Caesar (not a Bloody Mary, that would be too ordinary). And when you open your eyes again, your reality just feels a tad better.

It’s quite difficult to make someone believe us when we utter a phrase like this one:

“All the things I’ve said before are true and over-said.” Yet it doesn’t make it any less true.

Kisses – Funny Heartbeat

By Yaqui

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