AlunaGeorge – Your Drums, Your Love

Hey y’all! I’m bringing you the newest single from the London power-duo, AlunaGeorge, and it’s everything you’d expect and more from this emerging artist. Released yesterday, this airy track of unrequited love goes down easy in the ears and sends good vibes through your whole body. Dazed vocals blend into heavy 808 bumps and sync into singer Aluna Francis’ milky premature voice. It’s a song so simple in its production that it’s brilliant. All components of the track wash over each other with such coolness that you leave the song feeling refreshed.

What makes this song glide so smoothly over the airwaves is the ambiguity of Aluna Francis’ performance. She expresses her inability to connect with this other and their lack of attention towards her in a tone that’s both fragile and complacent. George Reid spins this all over a fuzzy hiss and boozy back-up vocal by Francis that sounds like a desperate plea. The more I listen to this track the more intricate I realize Reid’s work here is. Layers of kick-drums, 808’s, synths, space ship noises, Casios, chimes, and more create an electronic poppy soul sound that makes AlunaGeorge one of my personal favorite artists to follow this year and the next.

You can’t say that I’m going no where
’cause you don’t know where I’m coming from,
You can’t say that I’m going no where
but I have been trying to reach you for so long.”

Look out for their debut LP in early 2013!