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Satellite Stories – Sirens (Slow Magic Remix)


That last kiss before two people end something might seem like a useless act of nothingness when you already know it’s ending. But the closure that comes with it is most times underrated.

It’s the prelude to this moment the focus of Sirens by the Finland quartet Satellite Stories. But in a departure of pace and timing from the original, Slow Magic use their name to spell this song in such a way that helps enjoy this song even more. After all, Slow Magic remixes are all about dreamwave/chillwave treatments. The original is quite faster while this remix gives the lyrics the space to breathe needed when expressing this -most times overlooked- feeling in most relationships. This is most evident in the short and rapid synth chords of the original versus the longer and slower shift in this remix. This is not to say the the remix is any less indie-pop rock than the original; just a tad more organic in my opinion. They remind me of Phoenix in the way they put out the vocals and how it relates to the melody of the song. In fact, following the song’s melody and disregarding the lyrics will find you grooving to this one in more than one moment.

It’s not complicated, in fact it’s pretty simple this emotional conundrum — yet it’s so difficult to get over it when the other person moves on faster than us.

“If we could fix everything
One more kiss without smiling
If we could fix everything

I call them sirens
I call them sirens
It’s simple science
I call them sirens

I became so down, so down by the sea
I saw you sailing, smiling with a thief “

Enjoy this one and relate to it in the multiple ways it adapts to different variations of this situation. And let’s just hope that by the time [you] hear the sirens it’s not too late.

Satellite Stories – Sirens (Slow Magic Remix)


By Yaqui

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