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Twin Sister – Gene Ciampi

On a mellow Monday in NYC Gene Ciampi begins blaring through my headphones and I instantly think: “1960’s”.  I’m not sure why, other than memories of daydreams as a child of what the 60’s could have been like.  I guess in my mind times were a hell of a lot simpler and sunnier back then.  I picture every day in the Sixties to be sunny and filled with that glare from the sun that is so cooly captured in millions of pictures always peeking through.  The rays always covering a portion of the shot in such welcoming manner that we never see them as an intrusion at all.  The people dressed in summer beach attire all the time while the johnny pumps always remain open for the neighborhood children to run through its waters and keep cool.  Ice cream trucks on constant rotation, BBQ’s and balloons, and super friendly police officers helping the people in the neighborhood out with the smallest of tasks.  That exact non-intrusive, sunny, and chilled-out feeling is precisely what is found on this Twin Sister tune, and it’s just as welcomed here.

Andrea Estella’s fairy-like chants only add to the magic and groove of this traditionally Tarantino favorited indie sound.  It’s a nostalgia inducing tune that can be welcomed in any atmosphere and suitable for any your most treasured play lists.  A vibe fit for anything from a quiet afternoon lunch at the Standard Grill in NYC to an afternoon coffe break somewhere in Paris.

And just like the sun, Twin Sister deliver a seemingly effortless hit with solid lyrics and smooth Bohemian vocals.

Magic heart of romance
Hero of all suspense
Skin of bronze
Heart of gold
Perfect smile
Shining soul”

Twin Sister – Gene Ciampi