Jimmy Edgar – Hot Raw Sex (ft. Theophilus London)

This song screams fashion week, OH YES it does, and that’s half the reason why it is blatantly appropriate to post on what is probably going to be the start of a crazy glamorized weekend filled with beautiful people and YES, “Hot Raw Sex”!  This is a weekend I wait for every year in NYC but sadly I am in LA right now, but for good reason so I can’t really complain.  This track is everything a model wants to walk down the runway too, not only does this electronic/ funk track bring out the smooth sexy strides and subtle bounce of each striking curve of the body but you mix in Theophilus London (who by the way had a great show at the Rose Bar last night at the Gramercy Hotel), I swear every time I hear his voice its like a mix of Frank Ocean and Kid Cudi, perfect runway music if you ask me.

Jimmy Edgar, taking it up a notch, this guy knows what he is doing, not only has he been experimenting with drums and tape recordings all his life but he is also a photographer which makes so much sense why some of his tracks make me think “tricked out runway show”.

Jimmy Edgar is the self proclaimed poster child of Sound Couture.”

Hot Raw Sex“, I mean how could this title not jump start your Friday morning, I know what you’re thinking about, and yes I know what I am thinking about, so let us tip our hats to Jimmy Edgar and Theophilus London for giving us some fashion panty droppin’ madness to give us all the anthem for our weekend, enjoy!

Jimmy Edgar – Hot Raw Sex (ft. Theophilus London)