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EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Ace Reporter – We’re Not Going Home Tonight

Ace Reporter, the moniker of New York-based Chris Snyder, has mastered the art of creating endearing earworms while staying rooted in a brand of rock that’s fresh, smart, and powerful. An active voice in the downtown New York scene these days, he’s also well-known as the artist behind the threesixfive project, an ambitious endeavor that involved writing, recording, and mixing a complete song every day for a full year. The highlights from that wealth of material have become the building blocks of his current releases. We’ve chosen one of our favorites – “We’re Not Going Home Tonight” – to share on EMPT.

Ace Reporter – We’re Not Going Home Tonight

In a variety of Indaba Music projects, Ace Reporter has also displayed a marked affinity for crafting forward-thinking renditions of some classic tunes. His Ben E. King and Beatles covers are prime examples:

Ace Reporter – Stand By Me

Ace Reporter – Blackbird

More recently, Snyder has garnered acclaim for appearing alongside icons like Patti Smith, Jackson Browne, & Joan Baez on “Occupy This Album,” a hefty compilation of tracks by artists supporting the Occupy Movement. I’m 99% certain you’ll love it.

You can get the Untouched and Arrived EP for free, although we suggest throwing a few bones his way – great music is worth supporting!

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