Music Remixes

Sun City – High (Shazam Remix)

Less is almost always more. The less you do something, the more you cherish it. The less you see someone, the more exciting that next encounter becomes.  And so forth. When you do anything in excess, its affect dwindles or, even worse, becomes cloying. If you’ve got a habitual vice, try going a day, a week, or a month without a puff of Mary Jane or a drink, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Likewise, the less you listen to an artist (or the less they pop up on your radar), the doper they sound when your ears again find them.

Look at Bob Dylan, who just released his 69th album that most people won’t even bother listening to. And then look at Daft Punk, who could announce a tour this second (which actually appears imminent, by the way) and have it sell out faster than Coachella. There is simply a fine line between balance and overload. There’s a ton of musicians that flood social media channels and upload what can feel like a remix every day. It’s great, but it’s also overwhelming. Being prolific is certainly a tall and definitely a respectable accomplishment.

But to a certain degree you’ve got to always maintain an edge and keep your audience wanting more. This brings me to the mirage of a producer, Shazam. I really don’t know much about the guy, only that he’s delivered some extremely funky and well-thought out productions at a very relaxed pace. After not hearing (or discovering) anything new in over a year, he comes back on the radar with a bang, delivering not one, but two remixes that do not disappoint. You’ll definitely want more.

Sun City – High (Shazam Remix)

Bertie Blackman – Black Cats (Shazam Remix)