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Moonlight Matters – Come For Me (Mighty Mouse Remix)

A couple of months ago I wrote a post on the original version of this kickass banger. Today I’m happy to share with you Mighty Mouse’s take on it. This version is exactly 2 minutes and 10 seconds longer and in those 130 seconds Mighty Mouse pulls all his disco tricks out of the hat and when you believe you’ve heard ‘em all, he manages to pull a couple more surprises from his sleeves. The main synth work over that sexy bassline is quite 80’s influenced, that’s until the drop comes. No matter what happens musically, Gustaph’s vocals always manage to rise above and be the big shining star of the song. He conveys a lot more than words — in every belching of every word you can feel the emotions behind the tone he uses and with it sets. When the second drop comes in and Hercules & Love Affair’s vocalist goes for his falsetto you actually feel the shift to the next gear in this energetic voyage.

This song was released originally within the Moonlight Matters’ EP on Maison Kitsuné (probably my favourite independent label of the last couple of years by much). I highly recommend you follow Kitsuné on Twitter or Facebook because every single thing they release is pure gold — their taste and ears for good music is quite unique. If that weren’t enough they also create and commercialize one of the coolest (in my humble opinion) clothing lines out there for people like you and I. Check it out, the only catch is that some of their coolest stuff is a bit expensive for most pockets but they also have quite nice things for every budget.

Moonlight Matters – Come For Me (Mighty Mouse Remix)

By Yaqui

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