Sleigh Bells – Never Say Die (AraabMuzik Remix)

I am back in Brooklyn after being in LA for the whole Summer working on music (can’t complain) and man does it feel good to be home.  Their is just something about the vibe here in NYC, the lifestyle, and yes the sun is still shining over here.  I thought it fitting when I heard the AraabMuzik remix of Sleigh Bells “Never Say Die”, one of Brooklyns’ own female and male duo has blown up everywhere and only a couple years ago was only known here in the BK.  Crazy how time flies, I just want to shut my eyes and have it all come that fast!

This remix definitely gives this track somewhat of a electronic/rock feel with some hip-hop flavor which is what caught my attention off the bat, with the catchy bass and sexy drums, just the right potion to kick start your weekend.  Listening to this I am on the edge of my seat thinking that Jay-Z (who played in BK last night) or Kanye is going to come in with some fly verse, but it’s still fly because I definitely have a huge love little lyrics and big sound, which is why this track is great to vibe out too before you get ready to head out.

Really wanted to get in a post, it’s been a while with all the chaos, (but good chaos).  And as much as I am lovin’ bein’ back in my city I have to go back to LA to start finishing some really cool stuff that I can’t wait to share!

Enjoy the weekend sexy people!

Sleigh Bells – Never Say Die (AraabMuzik Remix)