Le Youth – Dance With Me

Le Youth is the musical project of producer Wes James from the 90210. He’s not that famous as of yet but I am a fan of his work. If you for one reason or another recognize the lyrics in this song or they just sound familiar, it’s because Mr. James sampled TLC’s 90’s super hit No Scrubs. Truth is, if I hadn’t told you it might have taken you a couple of listens to figure it out. They are hidden in a disco-laden marimba and tropical cocktail of sounds. When the track’s about to end there’s a brief pause and a little gift in the form of a rap that I won’t spoil for you.

Some crazy guy edited the original TLC video to sync up with this song, so here it is:

My favourite track by Le Youth is Cool which I’m including as a bonus. I simply cannot stop playing this one. It also features a little rapping before the last verses.

“This song is your cool… Baby tell me how you like it.”

 Le Youth – Dance With Me

Le Youth – Cool

By Yaqui

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