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First Aid Kit – Winter Is All Over You (Baauer Remix)

What is it about a song that makes us feel an emotional connection? I love dissection of musical connections that we have. Associations, can be broken up into several categories. We can associate positively with a song, based on the atmosphere we’re in and the people that surround us when we first encounter the song. Maybe the mental place we’re in, too. Or perhaps someone we love, hate, envy, showed us the song. These are really amazing associations to have. Sometimes the song can bring extreme disappointment, too. Like, as much as I love Gotye with every fiber of my being, ya’ll know that Somebody That I Used To Know was the anthem of one of my past break-ups. As it was for everyone, I’m sure. No matter when I hear that song, under any circumstance, my emotions will stir.

This song has arrived in my life at a really special time. I think the fact that it’s so chilled out and spunky all at once is enough to lure me in and have me addicted. One of those hit repeat and play several times over the course of an hour type songs…which we all love. But this song fell into my lap at a particularly happy time of life. I can’t get into it too much, but I can say, that it’s probably going to sit in my brain banks forever as one of those “made me feel good during a feel good part of life” songs. And for that, I’m thrilled to share it with you guys.

First Aid Kit normally blows my mind to begin with; something about charming Swedish vocals and this video in particular, that keep me constantly wanting more from the multi-talented sisters. I hope this does exactly for you, what it’s done for me.

Here’s to loving and laughing.

First Aid Kit – Winter Is All Over (Baauer Remix)